Sunday, October 3, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

This last week was quite an eventful one here! My roommates and I had tons of fun playing football last weekend! So glad that we are doing that! Half the freshman class had our first Psych test on Wednesday so we were studying all week and I had a Music Appreciation test the same day not to mention lots of reading and assignments for my other classes.  The work seemed to all pile up at once! Although it was somewhat busy, it was still a great week!

My life is going to start getting a lot busier!! I know it sounds weird that I'm excited to be busy but I'm used to having NOOOO time in my life and now I sometimes don't know what to do with my free time.  But I am very, very excited to have more to do with my time.  Last Friday I found out was hired to be an Eagle Host! I am so excited! When high school students come to look at the campus and want to experience dorm life, they will stay with me over night.  I will take them to meals and give them a little taste of dorm and college life.  I've wanted this job since I visited campus two years ago and got to stay over night.  I can't wait! Staying with my Eagle Host was really the selling point for me on Biola! We have our first meeting tomorrow!

I also interviewed for a position in the Event Society with the Integrated Marketing Communications department under the Office of the President. I got chosen/hired! They only took about ten people.  It is an unpaid position but I will get lots of training and hands-on experience and it will look great on a resume!  I had a meeting on Friday for this and I am so so sooooo excited! It is a total God thing that I was there and I feel like He made this for me! It's going to be a lot of work and a lot of hours, but I will be doing all the things I love so it's okay! We have to wear cute, professional attire too! We have our first event this Friday:)

This last Friday I went home to see Disney On Ice with my family! It was adorable! I was the oldest person there that wasn't a parent. Surprise, surprise! Mom and I baked some more goodies to bring back to school last night! This time I brought magic cookie bars, brownies, and M&M cookies(compliments of Grandma Sue)! Mmmm! I will get to see my family again this weekend! Mom is coming down Friday morning to go to chapel and dad, Robbie, and Emily will be coming after school for Parent and Family weekend. Emily will be spending the night with me on Friday and Robbie will be staying with Tyler.  Emily is very excited!

The weather has been weird all over Southern California but I have yet to be where all the rain is.  I'm wondering if this "Biola Bubble" protects us from rain too? haha.  I guess it is suppose to rain here tomorrow but we'll see! We've had tons of thunder and a little bit of lightning but still no rain!  This week should be fairly eventful with tests and essays and floor events and WORK! Yay! Can't wait!

Have a fantastic week! Stay dry! Is it almost time to start wearing sweaters and scarves?? I hope! :)

All my love,

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