Monday, September 6, 2010


I have met some AMAZING people here! I am so thankful God has placed them in my life.  He has given me sweet, encouraging people to lift me up when I need them the most:) I am so thankful for that.

Let me start with my roommates:
Ciara: Ciara is from Oregon.  I love her! She is so sweet and caring and ENCOURAGING!! She always has the right thing to say.  Ciara is quite the morning person and I am not...I am such a night owl! She's a trooper and goes to bed late with me and gets up early to do her homework or get ready for class.  I am so blessed to have her as a roommate.
Hannah:  Hannah is from Mission Viejo.  We have a lot in common and people think we knew each other before we got here. But we didn't!  We get along really well and have 2 classes together.  She likes to watch tv on her computer.  She works on campus with her sister in the Admissions Office.  We have had a lot of fun together so far!

Brittany: Brittany is super cool and so loving and caring. She loves bananas in all forms and running. And she plays guitar!!! I am so lucky to be on her floor this year. We are going to have so much fun! Britt likes pranks and shenanigans too! She has a bike named Nadeen. 
Kelsey:  Kelsey is so cute! She is a nursing major and going to be the best nurse ever! She helps us whenever we have a medical need. Kelsey likes 7-layer bars from the caf and has a car that is currently not working.  We have been praying for Florence.  Kelsey and I watched fireworks from the library balcony last week!

ARA's(Assistant RA's) aka the RA's roommates:
Ari: Ari is just as cool as Brittany and also likes running.  She went to Dana Hills HS and I was sure to inform her that she had amazing yearbooks! hehe  Ari can play the guitar and the keyboard...I have yet to hear her sing.  I know she is wonderful though because she's a Music major with Voice emphasis:)
Kelsey: Yes Kelsey and Kelsey live together. lol.  Kelsey is also a nursing major! She is super sweet and quiet and likes donuts. haha. Kelsey has a twin! This may be a bit confusing, let me clarify...Kelsey G.(the RA) has a roommate named Kelsey A(who has a twin...that I don't know). They are both nursing majors.

Other fabulous girls on my floor/in Alpha:
Maddy: I like to call Maddy, Lenny.  She calls me George like from Of Mice and Men.  Lenny lives down the hall from me.  She is so encouraging and always has the right thing to say.  She recently cut her hair and it is adorable!  Lenny made me cookies and cream dinner at the caf tonight.  They were out of real cookies and cream so she got cookies and vanilla:) it was good!
Meesh:  Meesh's real name is Melissa but we gave her the name Meesh. Not exactly sure why but it stuck.  Meesh got me to go running the first weekend we were here and I have been going out to the track about three nights a week now.  Sadly, Meesh has Achilles Tendonitis and can't run right now.  Meesh is quite hilarious and so fun to be around! And she always dresses so cute! Meesh and Lenny are roommates.  I love them a lot! They like to eat Oreos and PB:)
HannahB: HannahB is not my roommate and good thing she isn't because we would have too much fun and cause too much trouble together! he lives down the hall from me.  She was in choir in hs and auditioned and made it into Chorale here! I am so happy for her! I love HannahB. She is so funny and we always laugh together.  She has short sassy hair and super cute fashion!
Becca:  Becca has beautiful red hair and is one of the sweetest girls I know! She is kind of funny and she is also encouraging and uplifting.  We have a lot in common and I love to spend time with her:)
Kendra:  Kendra loves High School Musical.  She loves on Alpha East.  We talk about HSM all the time.  We have one class together and are both Communications majors. 
Annalese:  Annalese lives on Alpha East also.  She is soooo sweet and has the cutest fashion! She lets me borrow clothes! She has a cute room too:)  Annalese and I have two classes together. We have a lot in common also.
Andrea: Andrea is an RA from first floor West side.  I love her and we get along really well! We are going to have lots of fun this year! ;)
Mireyah: Mireyah is an RA from third floor.  When I met her, I was bragging to her how I have the best RA's on the planet and then Brittany told me she's an RA too.  I quickly covered myself by saying the best RA's on the planet of the 2nd floor.  It wasn't a very smooth cover. lol.
Leah: Leah was my SOS leader and I loved her! She was so energetic and passionate about her job.  We went and got lunch this week! I like her a lot :) Leah does not live in Alpha but in Horton which is right next door!

I'm looking forward to making many memories with these lovely ladies this year and so thankful for them in my life:)

Much love,

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