Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Big Surprise in the Mail

This is what I've been up to in the past week...Last Monday was mom's birthday so much to her surprise, Tyler and I snuck back to Norco(with her key she thought was missing!) on Sunday night to decorate her classroom.  I got a phone call about 7:15 Monday morning and mom said she had been crying because she saw her parking spot said "Happy birthday love, Amanda".  When I hung up I knew I would be getting another phone call shortly after she saw her classroom with streamers and writing on the window. About 5 minutes later I got the second phone call.  She slowly notcied all her surprises I had left her in her classroom throughout the day. That was so much fun! I love shenanigans! hehe

The weather has been "CRAY-CRAY!" 113 one week, freezing and pooring rain the next. Gotta love CA weather! All the out of state students don't quite know what to do! lol

The internet was out last week at the end of the hall so the girls who lived down there had to come sit at our end.  The router is outside my door so there was lots of noise and comotion for a few days! It was fun to kind of have company but it was hard to study! It was nice to get to know the girls who live at the end of the hall more though!  We had a few hall way parties (some suppose to be study sessions...haha that didn't happen!)

Last Wednesday I got an interesting phone call from Central Receiving on campus saying a 42" TV had been delivered to the school for me. I was very confused! The guy asked me if I could pick it up there instead of them having to deliver it to the mail center. I thought maybe I had won a contest or something and was worried about what I was going to do with a 42" TV! They soon told me it was delivered from Corona and I knew immediately it was from dad.  The previous weekend when I was home he has asked me what happens if I get a box that is too big to carry. I laughed and didn't think twice about it.  I told the guy that the box was probably mostly empty and shouldn't be too heavy.  He said it was very light and that he would have it delivered to the mail center. So dad did a very good job with this "Through the Door Package!" I still had no idea what was in the box until I went to pick it up.  My friends Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez had come to visit me! Mom and dad thought it would be funny to send my life-size cardboard cutouts to me and see how my roommates reacted. I had talked to Hannah and Ciara about them before and Hannah said NO WAY and Ciara said Ya girl bring 'em! haha well they didn't fit in the Suburban when I moved in so they didn't come. lol. But they are now here! They have been surprising people in the shower, bathroom, hallway, everywhere! It's been really fun to have them here and see them move around. When you are scared/surprised by them you have to sign your name on the back and move them somewhere else for someone else to find! They are currently on first floor:)
This box was huge! (I did like that it was green!) Everyone though I had a new TV. You're too funny, dad!
The fam bam cam this weekend for family weekend! Mom cam Friday morning and we went to chapel and then we worked on my door. It is a new month so a new theme is a must! We already have November and December planned out! The new door is adorable! I love it! Thanks mom for your help! When she came brought lots of fall candy for our candy dish too:) My family took Ciara to In-n-Out for the first time! It was special. Emily and I had a little sleepover in my room Friday night too! Saturday morning we had a flag football game. Way to go Ciara for getting our first touchdown! That's my roommate!! hehe. My family came to watch us play. Robbie laughed at me. No surprise there. We hung out the rest of the day Saturday. It was so nice to have them here!
The tree for October!

Sunday was a very quiet here. It was such a nice day. I got homework done and cleaned and did laundry. It was lovely! This weeke has been mostly low key with only one test and not of ton of homework. I've been going to my favorite place on campus, Under the Lights a.k.a. The Gateway, more and more to read and study. I love it!

Everyday I am more and more thankful for the friends God has graciously placed in my life. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by the people in my life.  I pray that you take a moment to thank God for placing the people around you that He has. Have a wonderful week! Thanksgiving is coming soon! Mmmm...

Tons of love,

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