Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Best Day Ever!

I know its almost 2:00 in the morning but I really feel like I need to post this now before I forget this amazing day! It started off great and after 8 hours of sleep I got up at 9:30.  I got ready and wore a scarf! I went to my only class of the day and then to lunch with my friends.  After that I hung out in my room and enjoyed the rain with my windows open.  I worked on a little bit of homework that is due next week, relaxed, and did a few misc. things.  Kelsey and I watched the next episode of Gilmore Girls. She made me chai and I loved it! We snuggled under a blanket and had the windows open and felt the brisk air coming in.  There was huge thunder and it was really exciting then it started to pour like nobody's business and the power went out! AHHHH so cool! The emergency lights turned on in the hall. It was cool.  When we were finished watching Gilmore Girls Hannah and I had a roommate dinner date and that was lovely. :) After dinner Katelyn, Summer, and I went to Sigma and got a big roll of toilet paper.  Katelyn lived there last year and she said it's just sitting out for people to take so we got a roll to use on our floor too. We then felt the need to TP someone's room and knew Hannah B would be a trouper so we got her room.  It was a very weak job and very light.  She knew it was me right away. Dang it! Later I had a coffee date with my fabulous SOS leader Leah and it was so nice to sit and talk with her and catch up:) When I was talking to some girls in the hall, about ready to wind down and get ready for bed, my RA's come back soaking wet from playing in the rain on McNally field. We thought dude we need to go out there! Sadly the rain had stopped but lots of rain meant lots of mud! I went downstairs and got Hannah Quinn(yes there are a million people named Hannah here, I meet a new one every week!) and we went out and played in the mud! Britney Rank, my roommate Hannah, Hannah Quinn, and myself mud wrestled, slid in the mud, sat in the mud, splashed in the mud, and did a rain dance hoping for rain that didn't come.  When we were walking back we played in the sprinklers too! We smelled like cow poop. The smell didn't really bother me because I was used to the smell from Norco but as a whole we smelled awful! We took pictures then got in the shower right away! The shower felt good, but looked horrible when I was done so I had to clean the shower too.

Today was so great! Toadally what I thought college would be, lots of random, outrageous fun! I'm looking forward to more days like this!!

Now squeaky clean after a nice shower,

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