Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reflections on 2012

I seriously cannot believe that 2013 is here. I feel like this holiday season came and is gone now and just flew by! I can't believe it! I am now back at school and will start class tomorrow. Boooo. I only have 13 days of Spanish class left in my life. Praise Christ! As I look back on the last year, A LOT has happened!

January: I took Spanish I over interterm and it was crazy. I don't know why I signed up to do it again this year! At least I'm so so sooooo close to the end of it!
February: I got to hike to the Hollywood sign with my friends for my birthday! It was so fun and so wonderful! And I was hired to be an RA at school:)
March: I had to go to jury duty for two days. It was frustrating but interesting at the same time. Luckily I did not have to serve on a jury!
April: I flew to Portland, Oregon with friends and we spent spring break in Sisters, OR in Sarah's family's beautiful home!
May: I took my first flight alone and went to Utah to visit my friend Shelby and her new baby!
June: I started my second summer at camp and serving for LRCC. What a blessed opportunity to serve all summer:)
July: BUSY MONTH FOR ME! I worked camp, was in Stephanie and Jeremy's wedding, and went to New Orleans for a week for the ELCA National Youth Gathering!
August: After a little 5 day break from camp, I moved back to school for RA training and my junior year!
September: I got to go to Yosemite and Fresno with my RA staff. We had such a blast!!
October: My floor had our floor retreat at the Parker's house and it was my favorite thing we did as floor all semester:) I also went to see Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes in San Diego! (Oh and my roommate got engaged!)
November: I worked Chrysalis (always my favorite!), worked the ELCA Middle School Youth Gathering in Anaheim, and submitted my first TPA(and passed it!!).
December: I survived my first semester as an RA and passed all my finals and got to spend time with wonderful, beautiful, amazing friends that I am so blessed to have:)

It was quite an eventful year and my eyes have been opened up to the glory of our great God. If I could choose one word for this last year it would be trust. Through the different experiences this year, I have learned to trust God more and more and I am so grateful that we serve a gracious, loving God. I have been immensely blessed by opportunities beyond compare, wonderful friends, and a family who loves me that I am extremely grateful for. I am so thankful for the last year and am looking ahead for what God has in store.

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