Saturday, January 19, 2013

No mas español

I do not ever have to take another Spanish class in my life!!! What a glorious feeling:) This month I took a 13 day, 4 unit class and now it is over! I am so thankful! I took Spanish 102 last January and Spanish 201 this January and it was a lot easier compared to last year. Over Interterm I got to live with my friend Julia in her apartment and I loved it! I did not have to have a meal plan and it was so nice:) I also only had class 8:30-12 everyday so I had the rest of the day off to do homework, run, relax, and do whatever I wanted! I really enjoyed it! Twice a week I had RA duty in Alpha on campus and it was good to be back in a dorm that means so much to me:) On the weekends I went down to Laguna Niguel to spend time with my best friend Ari and her family and go to church and the beach and relax and watch movies. I so enjoyed my time with the Baugh family! As I always do:) I'm now home for a few days until I have to get back to school for RA stuff on Wednesday. Looking forward to rock climbing with Robbie, nails and shopping with mom, a picnic with Emily (hopefully if she's not too busy!), watching an all-time favorite movie with dad, and spending time playing guitar and laying the sun:)

Thankful I wil never sit in a Spanish class again,

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