Friday, December 7, 2012

Other Random Things From This Semester

Aside from GYRAD and my retreats, I have gotten to do so many wonderful things with my friends! I have been so blessed by the people the Lord has surrounded me by:)
Took a quick, spontaneous trip to the beach with these lovelies!

Ari turned 22 this month and we celebrated by going to lunch at BJ's, out for Sushi for dinner, Biola Tree Lighting, going to see Pitch Perfect at the Dollar Theater and making cookies:) 

Went to Anaheim to work the Middle School Youth Gathering and ran into Bree when we were at Disneyland!

For our RD's birthday we snuck into her apartment and decorated it!

Birthday Bandits for the win!

I found a huge spider in my room. Thank goodness Kevin came and saved my life!

My roommate got ENGAGED!

Went and saw Cirque du Solei and got front row seats for $25!

The Sigma staff came over to my house for dinner one night! Mom made ham and green beans, and cheese potatoes:) Delish!

This semester I've had a lot of chips and guacamole with this girl. Guac is our fave!

For an early birthday present for Ari, we went to see Carrie Underwood in concert!

The concert was so good!

This is from our Fall Fiesta All-Hall. This girl is a hoot!

We had our Christmas All-Hall in Sigma and it went great! Lindsay and I baked almost 200 sugar cookies and made homemade frosting for cookie decorating!

Enjoying this semester,

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