Monday, September 5, 2011

AS Retreat

I spent this last weekend in the mountains at Big Bear Lake with AS. I LOVE THE PEOPLE IN AS!! They are so fun to be around and such wonderful people! Our entire staff stayed at a cabin for 3 nights to finish our training and to bond before the year really gets underway. The house we were staying at was right on the lake and had a private dock. It was beautiful! Seeing the boats and the water made me miss home, my family, and going to Lake Havasu as kid! There were 36 of us total and we had so much fun! We made meals together, finger painted, and went hiking! I think the hiking was my favorite part. This hike was different than any hike I've ever been on because we were climbing all over rocks to get to the top. There was trail that we took but we eventually got to a point where the only way to  keep going was to climbing up the HUGE rocks. It was sooooo cool! When we did reach the top we could see the entire lake and it was so beautiful:) I really enjoyed the hike! Some people went swimming in the lake..I did not but I did enjoy looking at the water. The mountains were so pretty this weekend! We got back this morning and I've been doing homework all afternoon. It's been a quiet, peaceful day:)

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