Sunday, September 23, 2012

The First Day of Fall :)

September 22 is one of my favorite days because it marks the beginning of my favorite season:):):) Yesterday was a great day! I even wore an orange shirt to celebrate the new season! I woke up early (a tad earlier than I would have liked but it was good to get up and get going) for football practice. This semester I am on an intramural flag football team and I am so excited! Then I went to the gym with a friend who is on the team and we worked out for a bit then went to the caf and had a lovely lunch together. My friend Courtney is also an RA this year and it was great to get a spontaneous meal with her. We shared about our experiences so far and had great conversation. When I got back to my room, my roommate was cleaning and so cheerful! After a lovely shower I did some homework and talked about music with Janine as we both buzzed about room. For dinner, my beautiful friend Reylena and I went to Chipotle and split a burrito bowl. One of my favorite things! Reylena was my first friend at Biola and it has been such a joy to walk through this season in life with her sharing in the joys, trials, and experiences of Biola. Reylena is also an RA and it was great to connect with her. Her and I have not been able to catch up in awhile and it was just wonderful to talk to her:) Although we do not see each other as much as I would like, every time we come together we are able to catch up, meet each other where we are, and just love. Love each other and to be loved by one another. Earlier this week when I was thinking about fall coming and how excited I was and that I wanted to celebrate in some way, I thought of who I would want to share it with. Reylena I knew would appreciate my love of the season and be a complete joy to bake with, plus I missed her so much! So we made plans for dinner and a little baking! After dinner at Chipotle we went to Walmart to buy the ingredients for pumpkin muffins! Gluten free of course:) When we got back to her room, we put on aprons and started mixing all the stuff together. Fun fact: Rey likes aprons so we had great fun wearing them! We made the muffins in my cupcake maker which was great fun! After our first batch, we decided peanut butter makes everything better so we mixed some peanut butter in the batter. That made them so good! And we added honey and lots of cinnamon! They were delicious! Every batch we made was a little different but they were all so good! It was the perfect way to ring in the season and so delightful to get to spend time with Reylena. Both our lives are so busy we only get to see each other every couple weeks and only if we pencil each other in a week ahead of time! I am so blessed by Reylena and so very excited for fall to finally be here. Although it is still in the 90s, I will pretend it is really the fall season here in So. Cal. I'm looking forward to going home soon and celebrating fall with mom:)
Lovin fall and all things pumpkin,

Here's some pics from our adventures last night!
I just LOVE this girl:)

Mixing it all together!

The first batch with no pb.

Rey wanted to add some peanut butter.
(The flash was a little bright for the mood lighting we had)

Some of the finished product!

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