Friday, August 24, 2012

The Vine

Today was move-in day for new students! It was so fun to check in our residents and meet some girls that are living on my floor! The last three weeks of training were so much fun and I am truly blessed to be a part of Res Life this year. What a privilege it is to be called to a ministry that allows me to decorate a floor, plan events, and love people! I am so looking forward to getting to know the beautiful ladies of The Vine! My roommate Janine has also moved in (although she is gone on vacation with her family for the weekend), and I AM SO EXCITED SHE IS HEEEEEEERE! She spent one night here this week and we stayed up late into the night chatting, catching up, and sharing in life. She is such a blessing and I'm so glad that God has allowed us to live together this year:) Here are some pictures of our room and our floor:

My bed with the bear my sister made me for my birthday:)

My little craft corner!

The view of our of room from the door. I love my room!

Our desks..where the studying should take place (note: SHOULD! promises)

The bathroom sink and little lights that create a great ambiance in the room!

The couch and table which make an excellent little living room area...I LOVE sitting on my couch:)

Our names tags and some flowers to accent
This is the name of our floor at the beginning of our hall and it has John 15:5 underneath it.

This is the wall at the end of the hall. It says Abide in Me, from the passage in John 15.

This is a little girly for Grace's taste but it's all the way down by my room so she doesn't have to see it too often. Thanks for your help with this project Jen!

Grace made the mosaic in the middle and we printed our dictionary definitions of key words from the passage in John 15 with some buttons and flowers to accent!

Here we put the verse from Ecclesiastes 3:1 that says there is a season and time for every activity under heaven and put a picture of a vineyard in each season.

This is where we will be putting pictures of all the girls who live on the floor.

This is a vine that Grace and I made. Mom cut out the leaves from the District Office at home and Grace hand folded 75 little (and oh so adorable!) flowers!

close up of the flowers

These are some cork boards we altered to go with the theme of our floor. Again, the bow was a little girly for Grace but she was a fan of it after all:)

Our calendar even has colors to match the floor decor. Grace has gotten used to my love of coordinating and themes!

We printed out all the hours of different places on campus for our residents to reference. Jen helped with this project too.

This is a little thing we made for all our residents for when they moved it. They have M&Ms in them so they had a little sweet treat when they moved in:)

We wrote all the girls on our floor a letter to welcome them to the floor and tell them who we are. We also made them bookmarks with our theme verse.

This is a picture of the staff picture board we have outside the duty office. There are also individual pictures and a short bio of each person.

These were the first people to check in this morning!

This is our staff at check in for 12 hours today! We had so much fun but we are exhausted!

So excited to see what this year holds,

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