Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moving Into My New Home

I have been at school for a week now(well...kinda). I was gone from Friday-Tuesday. I guess I should say I've been moved in for a week. This year I am living in Sigma, a new dorm for me. I am so excited to be an RA here this year! Last week when I was moving in, I was a tad worried because the rooms are smaller than I thought and mentally prepared for but after lots of furniture arrangements, I think I made it work! Sigma is suite-style so every room shares a bathroom with the room next door and each room has their own sink. So no more community bathrooms for me! It is very different from Alpha but I like it. I am on the third floor this year and have a nice view of the parking lot and creek behind our dorm. I like being in my room and enjoy being able to get ready in my own room! I can't wait for my roommate to get here! Janine will be here in about a week and a half!! Mom is coming on Sunday to see my room and take some things home that didn't fit! ;)

Enjoying this new place,

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