Monday, February 6, 2012

This Semester

It is going to be quite a semester! It's only day 5 of classes and it already feels like we've been in class for 5 weeks! I like most of my classes and my schedule is pretty good. I have four classes back to back on Monday and Wednesdays, Physical Science and a lab on Tuesdays, and just one Science lecture on Thursdays! CA History is my least favorite class. I really enjoy my Psych Foundations of Education class, I have an awesome professor for Theo II, Math for teachers is a joy and basically the same class as last semester, Physical science is, thank goodness I have Julia Bates in that class!, and my lab is going to be waaaaay easier than my bio lab last semester! There is lots of reading and I feel I am going to kill a forest with as many assignments and outlines I have to print out but it's all for a good cause right! Work should be interesting this semester too. We have over 25 events in the next four months! My oh my! I have been getting mostly a decent amount of sleep so far. It is going to be a difficult semester but my soul finds rest in the Lord. I'm so thankful that I don't have to face each day alone:)
Trying not to be overwhelmed,

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